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A community for tomorrow.

Incorporating sustainable features and initiatives that go beyond surface level, Northcote Place has been designed to foster a more conscious existence, and a greater sense of connection. Thoughtfully curated, the community will embody the values of its inhabitants now and into the future.


Through a meticulous planning process, Northcote Place has been able to achieve a NatHERS rating of 8 stars, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of those who reside there. Sustainable Development Consultants were utilised from the outset to ensure every element was considered and addressed, from supplier credentials to energy efficiency.

Equal consideration has gone into creating a habitat that works in harmony with the local ecology. The landscape design nourishes local flora and fauna with features like rain water gardens, rooftop gardens, native plant species and fruit-bearing trees. Storm water regulation systems and rainwater tanks have been implemented to ensure the community doesn’t contribute to the destruction of Merri Creek, rather nurtures and supports it.

Founded upon values of human connection and social sustainability, Northcote Place has been designed so that engagement amongst residents, their neighbours and the wider community can organically occur. Communal spaces, footpaths, a shared garden and versatile areas exemplify a genuine commitment to community, and an authentic connection to place.

8 Star NatHERS Rating.

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a performance-based rating system that rates the thermal performance of a dwelling based on its design. NatHERS use 0-10 stars as a scale to indicate the energy efficiency of a dwelling. The higher the score is, the less energy is required to achieve thermal comfort.

Through sustainable features and smart design choices, Northcote Place has achieved an average NatHERS rating of 8. This is an exceptionally high rating that is rarely seen in a townhome development. It has been determined based on the layout of the homes; the roof, walls, windows and floor construction methods and materials; and shading to the sun’s path and how well the home takes advantage of local breezes.

An 8 star home requires 50% less energy than a 6 star home. This will enable you to significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills and as a result, reduce your overall impact on the environment. It also makes for better performing homes that are more comfortable through Melbourne’s sometimes extreme seasons.

Solar and Powerwall.

All homes include a generous 3kW solar panel system, installed to the rooftops. This will cover a huge portion of your household necessities, saving you as much as $200 per electricity bill cycle and greatly reducing the carbon footprint of your household.

The solar power you don’t use will be fed back into the grid, and you may be credited for this depending on your utility. All homes are future proofed, with pre-wiring included for later installation of solar batteries and electric car chargers.

Most homes also have the option to upgrade to a Tesla Powerwall, a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home’s energy source when the grid goes down. Unlike generators, Powerwall keeps your lights on and phones charged without upkeep, fuel or noise. Paired with solar, it can be recharged with sunlight to keep appliances running for days.

Sustainable Initiatives.

Responding to the needs of tomorrow’s world while addressing the needs of today, Northcote Place has been equipped with a plethora of sustainable features. Together, they will work in harmony to cultivate a rewarding living experience for residents while reducing the carbon footprint of these homes. From thermal comfort to supplier credentials, energy efficiency to reduced fumes, every touch point has been thoroughly considered.

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a performance-based rating system that rates the thermal performance of a dwelling based on its design. NatHERS use 0-10 stars as a scale to indicate the energy efficiency of a dwelling. The higher the score is, the less energy is required to achieve thermal comfort. 

Northcote Place has a NatHERS rating of 8, an exceptionally high rating that is rarely seen in a townhome development. An 8 star home requires 50% less energy than a 6 star home, enabling you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Electric Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of using electricity to generate heat directly. This will allow your home to be 2 to 3 times more energy efficient than if it had a conventional electric water heater, reducing your water bills.

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks store rainwater which can then be used for flushing toilets. This helps to minimise potable water usage. Additionally, it helps to reduce strain on the stormwater drainage system for more efficient living.


Raingardens will help to filter pollutants from stormwater runoff, contributing to reducing potential flooding locally. This will also create habitats for birds and butterflies in the area, nurturing the local ecology.

Low-VOC Paint

Low-VOC paint causes fewer chemical emissions than normal solvent-based paints. Most low-VOC paint is made with water instead of petroleum solvents, and therefore low-VOC paint has lower levels of formaldehyde and other chemicals. This will cause fewer fumes during painting, and people with asthma or allergies can breathe more easily after painters are finished.

Double/Triple Glazing

Double or triple glazed windows are very energy efficient. They can reduce heat loss or heat gain by around 30% or more in comparison to single glazed aluminium windows. They also help to significantly reduce noise for optimum privacy.

Ceiling Fans Throughout

Ceiling fans will help to increase the circulation of air within your home, perfect for keeping a room cool in summer. During winter, the fans can also be used to push warm air down from the ceiling, reducing the amount of time heating systems are activated. This helps to lower reliance on air conditioning systems, reducing your carbon footprint.

Ethical Materials

Ethically sourced, every material at Northcote Place has been selected based on its provenance, wastage, supplier credibility, ESD ratings and manufacturing practices. Natural, durable finishes have been selected to ensure the longevity of each home. Where possible, local suppliers have been utilised.

Northern Living Orientation

Northern orientation is desirable in cities with cold climates such as Melbourne, where heating is typically required for most months of the year. The northern façade will have full sun penetration in winter. Orienting the living area to the north helps to introduce heat gains and natural light during winter.

Additional Wall Insulation and Sub-floor Insulation

Thermal insulation on subfloor and walls helps to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, reducing heat loss in winter and keeping heat out in summer. Thermal insulation can also act as acoustic insulation which can block out external noise.

Compartmentalised Living Zones

Kitchen and living zones usually attract the most heat gain in comparison to other zones in a townhome. Compartmentalising the kitchen and living zones prevents heat flow into other habitable areas, especially in summer, allowing for a comfortable temperature throughout the home.

External Operable Window Shading

Clever window shading helps to prevent unwanted heat during summer while allowing solar heat to enter the rooms in winter.

Cross Ventilation

All townhomes provide optimal cross ventilation through the implementation of expansive windows and outdoor spaces to the front and rear of the building. This helps to funnel in cool air and carry out heat, allowing the home to be naturally cooled during summer and reducing the need for air conditioning.


The homes will be pre-wired for a solar battery and car charger to the garage wall. This will make life easier for those with an electric car while allowing you to charge your car battery sustainably and efficiently.

Solar Power

The homes will include a 3kW solar panel system. This will cover a huge portion of your household necessities including lights, fans, refrigerator, microwave, toasters, televisions and most or all of the daily electricity needs.

Community Focused Living.

Communal Garden

Connecting inhabitants to nature as well as to each other, Northcote Place features a communal garden area. Encompassed by tall trees and native vegetation, the picturesque space will allow residents to unwind and revitalise, immersed in the sense of wellbeing that comes from being amongst nature.

While creating a rich habitat for local birdlife and absorbing carbon emissions, fruit-bearing trees will provide fresh food to residents, contributing to a circular food economy and greater food security. The garden also utilises existing sleepers from the site, reducing the need for the manufacturing of new materials.

Equipped with plenty of shade, tables and seating options, enjoy outdoor gatherings with friends or get to know your neighbours amongst leafy surrounds. If peace and quiet is what you seek, bring along a book and sit yourself down in one of the more private nook areas.

Cyclist and Pedestrian Connections

Northcote is one of Melbourne’s major bike riding hubs, home to a number of bike paths and scenic trails. With this in mind, Northcote Place will establish a strong connection to the local area by incorporating an internal bike path linking to the pre-existing Great Western Shimmy route. This speaks to the idea of giving back to the neighbourhood, working harmoniously with the local fabric rather than imposing upon it.

Used by cyclists and pedestrians alike, the path will invite Northcote locals to share in a beautifully-landscaped area, fostering a sense of community. The path will also provide Northcote Place residents with easy access to the creek, connecting them to the local ecology and cultivating an outdoor lifestyle.

Pedestrian-focused Laneways

The townhomes of Northcote Place are connected by internal laneways, allowing the development to feel like its own self-contained neighbourhood, enriched by a vibrant sense of community. Wander your way along the landscaped footpath, stopping to say “hi” to other residents or admiring the many trees and rain gardens scattered around the site.

A pedestrian-focused zone, the Northcote Mews will become the heart of Northcote Place. The tranquil walkway features abundant vegetation, further reducing carbon emissions and giving back to the local ecology. Offering a range of shaded seating options, sit back, relax and interact with other residents while the kids safely play together or ride their bikes.

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